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Twitchy Thumbs Entertainment is a California S Corp game developer, founded by Jim Buck. Jim started at Sony Interactive Studios/989 Studios/SCEA (1996) and founded DepthQ, Inc. (2000) and Twitchy Thumbs Entertainment (2005). His resume and prior credits:

Sony Online Entertainment... Leathernecks PC
Surrogate Interactive... Brutal ragdoll physics R&D PC
SCEA... NeoSport Racing League PSP
... Unnamed project PS3
Insomniac Games... Rally Cross physics presentation
... Unnamed production tool PC
Rockstar New England... Bully: Scholarship Edition Xbox 360
Narcissistic Studios... Unannounced game
Four Door Lemon... Clever Kids: Pirates/Farmyard Fun/Pet Store/Creepy Crawlies DS, Wii, PC
Milkman Games... Aqualux PC
Anawiki Games... The Perfect Tree ger, jpn
New Star Games... Super Laser Racer fre, ita, ger, spa
Black Lab Games... Star Hammer Tactics fre, ita, ger, spa, rus, dut
SpiderMonk Entertainment... Unreleased game Xbox 360
Mixed In Key... One Idea PC
Demiurge Studios... Unannounced game
Fire Hose Games... Slam Bolt Scrappers PC (Buy on Steam!)
Incinerator Studios... Unreleased game Xbox 360
National Oilwell Varco... Undisclosed project PC
Heavy Water... Heavy Pets/Strike/Ink/Xmas, Uncharted, Star Wars fre, ita, ger, spa
... Phineas and Ferb/The Nightmare Before Christmas/Iron Man (for Disney), Need for Speed: Most Wanted (for EA), Diablo III (for Blizzard Entertainment) PS3 themes
... Axis Game Factory PC/Mac/Linux
Empty Clip Studios... Chocolatier DS
... BIT.TRIP CORE/VOID/FATE/FLUX (for Gaijin Games) PC/Mac
Subatomic Studios... Fieldrunners PSP, iPad/Android, PC/Mac
... TinkerBox (for Autodesk) iOS
... Fieldrunners 2 PSVita (Buy on PSN in America and Europe!)
Choice Provisions... THE BIT.TRIP PS4/PS3 (Coming soon!)/PSVita
Telltale Games... Batman - The Telltale Series Windows 10
Pixelmage Games... Hero's Song PC
Retro Affect... Snapshot PSVita/PS3 (Coming soon!)
Development and porting services, using our multi-platform TTElib to reduce schedule (simplifies PSN features, automatically handles many TRCs, etc.):
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